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March 29th, 2006]

[ mood | distressed ]

Nobody ever posts here. So I am taking it upon myself to post a lot.

I was looking through all your joining information shit and all of you are like 15... Well not all, but a very fair amount (about 5 of you are over 18)

This all got me to thinking... Am I too old to be collecting unicorns? I mean, I don't obsess over them... But I'd say I'm pretty damn excited when I find a new einhorn.

I don't know. Just something to think about, I guess.


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March 22nd, 2006]

[ mood | chipper ]

[name] SARAH!
[age] 18
[location] Wisconsin
[when's the last time you showered?] 12:45am Wed. March 21, 2006.

[3 favorite bands:]
1. Ben Folds
2. Rosa
3. The Pixies

[3 favorite songs:]
1. William Shatner- Together
2. Defiance, Ohio- Bikes and Bridges
3. Rosa- Skin to Print

[Oh oh, and just because I’m super-curious like whoa, tell me your 3 favorite movies.]
1. Pulp Fiction
2. Blue Velvet
3. Fight Club

[why/what do you like about unicorns?]
They're freakin' nuts. I dig horses and they're like horses ONLY BETTER. Everybody likes unicorns, what's not to like about them? AND I'm totally down the the word "einhorn". Just sounds real good.

[how do you want to die?]
Preferably in my sleep...
[are you sadistic?] haha, no, ARE YOU!?!? If you are, that's cool... just don't uh... kill people whilest doing them.
[do you know where the word sadistic comes from?] No, but I know where the word masochisim comes from. Do I get points for that?
[do you think people that die from wearing tampons too long (TSS) are idiots?]A little bit... I think reading "hey you could die so take this out of your vagina after 8 hours" would make you think "YEAH MAYBE I SHOULD TAKE THIS OUT OF MY VAGINA AFTER 8 HOURS BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO DIE".. at least thats how it worked for me. But maybe they were busy and forgot? I don't know. I simply do not know...
[what do you think about people named felix? (be careful, this IS a trick question)] I think "wowza I wish I had a more interesting name than SARAH. I'm mad jealous" and then I'd probably try to befriend them.
[what are your favorite type of commercials?] The ones that make me lolz.

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October 10th, 2005]

so yeah,
running around topless
thats always fun.

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me=n00b, hurray for intros! [Thursday
September 1st, 2005]
  What else do I do? Post pictures of unicorns that I draw? Hah, well, um, the layout is pretty neat :]

[location]Southern California
[when's the last time you showered?] This afternoon

[3 favorite bands:]
1. Interpol
2. Calla
3. Sigur Rós

[3 favorite songs:]
1. Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine
2. Hello Tomorrow - Karen O. (the song from that Adidas commercial, directed by Spike Jonze, which can be seen here)
3. Aerodynamic - Daft Punk

[Oh oh, and just because I’m super-curious like whoa, tell me your 3 favorite movies.]
1.The Matrix
2.Kill Bill
3.Donnie Darko

[why/what do you like about unicorns?] They're so magical!

[how do you want to die?] Alone.
[are you sadistic?]No.
[do you know where the word sadistic comes from?] The French!
[do you think people that die from wearing tampons too long (TSS) are idiots?] Heckyess.
[what do you think about people named felix? (be careful, this IS a trick question)] I'd name my kids/cats Felix ;P
[what are your favorite type of commercials?] The ones with good music or random photo montages.

[picturessssCollapse )]

  I like dinosaurs too.

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August 9th, 2005]

    I love you all so much.
    It is for the very reason that I love you that I must show you what I must show you, so don't feel too bad. Someday you'll understand. Until that day, FEAST YOUR EYES you motherfuckers.
The image “http://funfreepages.com/forum/files/juliana5co.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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The Unicorns appear [Thursday
July 28th, 2005]

[ mood | sleepy ]

The Unicorns are track ONE on the double disc benefit CD out now! you all should check it out.
you can find more info at www.myspace.com/solidprpresents too!


1. The Unicorns "I was Born (A Unicorn)"
2. Jesu, “Tired of me”
3. Hella “Song from Uncle”
4. Man Man “10lb. Moustache”
5. An Albatross “Lets Get on With it”
6. Vanishing “Cuckoo Spit”
7. Year Future “Nature Unveiled”
8. Upsilon Acrux "Ballet Instructor/Dracula (Slow Version" *
9. The Great Redneck Hope “Pssst! Hey, the Lord is awesome, pass it on”
10. S “Falling”
11. The A-sides “Everybody Knows the Way”
12. The Broadway Project “I believe in Superman”
13. The Post Office Gals “Right Click My Heart, Save as Broken”
14. Angel of the Odd “The Loved Ones”
15. Paper Lions “Line Up”
16. Lewis & Clarke “Dead and Gone”
17. Scouts Honor “Nowhere is Always Somewhere” *

1. Crystal Skulls “No room for change”
2. I Am The World Trade Center “Shoot You Down (minority report remix)
3. Discordance Axis “Sega bass fishing”
4. Mixel Pixel “At The Arcade”
5. Mommy and Daddy “Street Cleaner Demeanor”
6. Subtitle “Subtalk”
7. Ponies in the Surf “Little Boy Lost” *
8. Aqui “Eye of The Battle”
9. Oxbow “The stick(live)”
10. Shortstack "El Saboteur" *
11. The Static Age “Vertigo”
12. Rockethouse “Lock ‘N Load”
13. My Epiphany “Body Talk”
14. Thunderball Fist “G-G-Gotta G-G-Get” *
15. Flashlight Arcade “Dead to The World”
16. All Parallels “Work”
17. The Braves "Noble of Me" *

* = previously unreleased

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July 12th, 2005]

you guys are way too political considering the majority of y'alls is under 20. yeah. weird werird wierird weird. yeah, do something creative like post a picture of some ripe and juicy water and tell a fantastic story about the ocean or drowning, or jumping into the freezing sea....and hoping that the salt below [would] divorce.asd.fma/sdasdlame

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Four Walls and No Weapons [Tuesday
June 28th, 2005]

[ mood | Killtacular ]

Okay, the other day my friend BRENT DRISCOLL posed a very interesting question. Well it wasn't really a question so much as an unlikely scenario. The scenario is this:

YOU are in an empty room with no weapons. The only objects in the room besides YOU are the four walls and a ceilling.

I ask how big the room is. Brent replies that it is about the size of a High School Gymnasium. He continues:

How many five year olds could YOU kill?

Now, concievably if the room was filled to the brim with five year olds, I could kill a whole lot, as I could just jump on top them and roll around, cushing them under my girth. But five year olds are notoriously dirty fighters, and if it was me against more than one of them in a test of fisticuffs, I could probably only take on (and actually kill) about seven or so and still come out with my testicles attached. Afterall, people, they are groin level height and, like puppies, they have very sharp teeth. Given the scenario, how many five year olds could YOU kill?

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June 24th, 2005]

[name] Dana Katherine Rose Martin
[age] 17
[location] SanDiego,Cali
[when's the last time you showered?] this morning

[3 favorite bands:]
1. The Icarus Line
2. The Strokes
3. The Mutes

[3 favorite songs:]
1. the b52s - planet claire
2. the icarus line - spike island
3. the doors - not to touch the earth

[Oh oh, and just because I’m super-curious like whoa, tell me your 3 favorite movies.]
1. requiem for a dream
2. haggard
3. house of 1000 corpses

[why/what do you like about unicorns?] when i was little i used to have a unicorn toy it was purple with a rainbow on its hip and it had a long mane i could brush that was pink and yellow. and i used to chew on its horn.
anyways i think unicorns are awesome because they were my faviorte animal growing up and there not even real.
and they have a horn so it makes them like different and better then the other horses.

[how do you want to die?] in my sleep of old age .... peacefully.
[are you sadistic?] no i dont belive i am.
[do you know where the word sadistic comes from?] ooo no but that would be interesting to find out.
[do you think people that die from wearing tampons too long (TSS) are idiots?] haha no but that sucks, and is kinda gross because that means they had it in for a really long time and the tampon whould be like super huge and grossy. so yea pretty much they would have had to have been an idiot.
[what do you think about people named felix? (be careful, this IS a trick question)] its a cool name, makes me think of a cat.
[what are your favorite type of commercials?] stupid ones that make me laugh.

you can post a few pictures of yourself or something. if you want. just dont get carried away. and, if you do get carried away, use an lj-cut.

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June 21st, 2005]

[ mood | bored ]

I am officially a resident of North Carolina (again)...the state where the top story on the news today was that a guy died on his tractor. (seriously)

I think we should hold a poll to see how long these right-wing, bible-thumping idiots drive me from libertarianism to full-blown liberalism.

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This is a community about UNICORNS, not POLITICS!!! [Thursday
June 16th, 2005]

[ mood | FUCK!!! ]

Okay, okay people, everybody's (cough-FELIX-ahem) getting too political here! So I'm here to settle the argument once and for all...


There, plain and simple, its all laid out so no one can disagree with it, right? I mean its pretty simple


It shouldn't be too hard to understand. Everybody in the current political administration in charge of our country are assholes. If they were democrats, they'd still be assholes, but slightly less PAINFULLY CHRISTIAN and a bit less EVIL too. But the point is, they'd still be ASSHOLES, just not quite as RACIST, IGNORANT, MALEVOLENT, DESTRUCTIVE, GREEDY or STUPID as the MOTHERFUCKERS... er I mean Republicans.

There, with that completely non-partisan look at the situation regarding how argumentitive this community has become, I hope I've settled the problem of political posts about how bad Bush is or how much equally bad Kerry might have been. Let's go back to the pictures of Paris Hilton, pig hearts, and giant marijuana leaves that we all know and love.

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My messege as compiled in a MoveOn petition. [Thursday
June 9th, 2005]

[ mood | it was sunny earlier today ]

"As a citizen of the United States, and a member of the American populace that the president must represent and serve under divine obligation of heaven, I insist that you, President George W. Bush, explain the tyrannical heresy that you are suspected of, as revealed by the Downling St. Memo."

I hope that convinces him. Someone once told me he's a religious man. Maybe he will respond to that heavenly obligation part. I like that part.

If my name was Felix, which it isn't, but I did have a cat named Felix; if my name was Felix and I frequently expressed angst or animosity regarding the current president of the United States in a unicorn community, I'ld sign up my ass with MoveOn.org before someone could say "casual semi-passive lukewarm mellow activism" and feel involved. And I would vote, if I were eighteen in addition to being named Felix. But of course, cats don't usually live up to or past eighteen years, and they aren't very polically oriented creatures in the first place. I guess this was just meaningless meandering mumble.

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June 7th, 2005]


Guess who is just as dumb as Bush...Collapse )

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June 1st, 2005]

Utopic igloo [4:28 PM]:  a;sldkfjaskl;dfjbvzxm,bva;sdiorweopufasdkc times infinity
 Utopic igloo [4:28 PM]:  there, i beat you.
 Aerotisma [4:29 PM]:  you can't times by infinity. That's weird......
 Utopic igloo [4:29 PM]:  youre weirdrdrd
 Aerotisma [4:30 PM]:  you're weird (imagine I said that in a deep voice and since my voice is deeper than yours I automatically win!)
 Utopic igloo [4:30 PM]:  that makes you a manly man
 Aerotisma [4:31 PM]:  you're a man. and since you have a boyfriend you're a girly man and that's worse! 
 Utopic igloo [4:31 PM]:  nah, girly men are more at ease and can admit their emotions and stuff. manly men are too scared to even cry!
 Aerotisma [4:32 PM]:  men shouldn't cry! 
 Utopic igloo [4:32 PM]:  i know, but thats why they die quicker!
 Aerotisma [4:33 PM]:  I would rather have a guy die young than cry alot and live till infinity
 Utopic igloo [4:34 PM]:  depends
 Utopic igloo [4:34 PM]:  what if it was emineminem? oh oh what then?
 Aerotisma [4:34 PM]:  damn 
 Aerotisma [4:34 PM]:  i don't know
 Aerotisma [4:34 PM]:  i 
 Aerotisma [4:34 PM]:  love
 Aerotisma [4:34 PM]:  eminem
 Aerotisma [4:35 PM]:  but
 Aerotisma [4:35 PM]:  crying 
 Aerotisma [4:35 PM]:  is weird 
 Aerotisma [4:35 PM]:  for guys.....
 Utopic igloo [4:35 PM]:  well its not like girls cry in public
 Aerotisma [4:36 PM]:  I do in movie theatres
 Aerotisma [4:36 PM]:  but not at school or anything
 Utopic igloo [4:36 PM]:  well god, now im not sure i ever wanna go with you to a movie...
 Aerotisma [4:36 PM]:  I cried when we watched spanglish, remember?
 Utopic igloo [4:37 PM]:  ew, you did?!?! thats creepy! i was right next to you!
 Aerotisma [4:37 PM]:  you told me to stop 
 Aerotisma [4:37 PM]:  god how could you forget!?
 Utopic igloo [4:38 PM]:  clearly, i must have blocked it from my memory. what dont you get?
 Aerotisma [4:38 PM]:  I wouldn't want to remember that either 

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May 30th, 2005]

The image “http://www.thememoryhole.org/war/gulfwar2/us-military04.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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May 26th, 2005]

two recent, fully true headlines:

"Republican congressman who called for french fries to be called Fredom Fries® flip flops and now says U.S. went to war 'with no justification'"


"President George W. Bush: 'See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.'"

I love america.

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concerned for my immortal soul [Sunday
May 22nd, 2005]

Every time I drive by this inspirational billboard with a one-armed chick holding a surfboard and the caption "Never give up" I start laughing hysterically, sometimes to the point where I can't breathe.

Am I going to hell?

hahahaha that chick doesn't have an arm

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Update [Friday
May 20th, 2005]

oh oh oh and an update concerning the recent millitary base closures in the united states.

"...states that supported President Bush's reelection (red states) had a net job gain of 11,000, while states that opposed Bush (blue states) lost nearly 25,000 positions."


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May 17th, 2005]


What are you waiting for, a certain invitation?

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May 16th, 2005]

[ mood | optimistic ]

helloCollapse )

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